Cumbrian Dictionary
1.( n fettul) Condition, e.g. After Sat'da neets gatterin at t'oldhall, a waz not a grand fettle = After Saturday nights entertainments in Egremont, I didn't feel too well.
2.( v fettul) To fix, to repair e.g. That'll fettle it. = I think that may fix it.
(I am fettlin it, I was fettlin it, I have fettled it, He fettles stuff.)
Mawdesley Glossary
1. to repair, to mend.
2. fit. A person in good condition. In good health.
Yorkshire Dialect
Mend or Clean, Condition, Get ready
Cleveland Dialect List
to adapt, arrange, fit up; to prepare, equip, get ready,supply; to put into a state of repair; to beat, overcome: 'ah'll fettle him', 'ah fun' him fettling 's au'd sled'
A Geordie Dictionary
Good condition
North Country (Newcastle) Words
to put in order, to repair or mend anything that is broken or defective
North Country (Newcastle) Words
order, good conditin, proper repair

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